our philosophy

Our dream was a farm, that sustains us and offers room for our personal developement. - a harbour for an autonomous life. That is a quite far goal, as we bought the farm almost without own funds. Still we are looking for a way beyond the forces of capitalism. In this time of globalisation, when even much larger farms quit, we are proud, that our farm still exists.

Our farm is a partner to us and also a mirror.
We love it as a place of beauty, peace and freedom.
We whant it to be the base of our life and a place, where people encounter.

We never doubted about working organically in agriculture . We still can not understand, that farmers poison their own soil and their products. But it is for more than complying with the regulations.

We have gone a long way, with some dead ends and meanders and somtimes close to an abyss.
The way how we view at things, when we deal with them, lets them become, what we consider them to be.

We tried to regard our farm as an enterprise - what an error. We would have ended at a vegetable factory. Yet we never could dicide on an onsided spezialization, as we love diversity, discovering new possibilities and freedom. We have expirienced, that our own is the best. We do not want to miss it.

True values stand out even in a time of advertising.
We trust in being appreciated, when we just stay ourselves.
Where everything ought to be round, we count on our angles.